Capoverso in italian language means "new paragraph" and is used in Italian when in a document you start a new sentence ending the previous matter and beginning with a new one. Often the Capoverso is characterized by a indentation (tab) to draw further attention to it.

In our case Capoverso means a start over on the field of agricolture and wnemaking.

The estate was founded in 2000 but our history in wine making have much more ancient history. My mother's family (Avignonesi) moved in Montepulciano in the XV century probably from France with the end of the Pope Avignon's captivity and as the economy of the area was since ever founded on winemaking, started the production of wine evidenced by the large dimension of the historical cellar underneath the palazzo Avignonesi.
In the late 70's my father and my mother started a new estate under the name of my mother (Avignonesi) but after few years they split and the estate was acquired by my father, and after a few months also by my uncle.

My mother started to work as professional designers for labels for several years working for many premium cellar as Biondi Santi, Cinelli Colombini, Donnafugata and Ruffino.
In the 2000 she decided to start back a wine cellar and founded Capoverso. Avignonesi was sold in the 2006 to a Belgian group and so I left it, since 2013 I entered in Capoverso and currently I own the company.

I currently produce about 40.000 bottles on 7,5 Ha (plus 3Ha raising) divided among Syrah Cortona, Sangiovese Cortona, Rosso di Montepulciano, Vino Nobile e Vin Santo.
The wines that I make, following my personal philosophy, are based on drinkability and freshness, without sacrificing the structure, which must always be in the second place. That's why the use of wood is always limited, I use third passage tonneaux or, for the Vino Nobile, traditional 50Hl barrels. This allows me both to limit the costs and to avoid the impact of the wood, which is something that I personally cannot stand anymore.

I use the international varieties only in the base wines, because I have always considered obnoxious and somehow a bit castrating having the most important wines in range that are not wines from the territory.
For this reason, I work exclusively on DOC wines eliminating all the IGT, that I consider an outdated concept unless they are base wines.
The pyramid of the denominations must respect the actual quality that the company is able to provide, so that the consumer is facilitated in the choice and the product communication is more simple and straightforward.